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A Friend's Apology -  by Richard Gardella WPHS '53

With age, visual acuity dims and the brain loses some nimbleness.

     These natural and inevitable changes, I believe, help to explain my neglect in regard to a longtime friend and fellow White Plains High School graduate, Charles H. Halper, a member of the class of 1954, who was a successful business man and a retired financial advisor. A resident of Westport, Connecticut, he also graduated from Colgate University.  Charlie died at home of heart failure on October 5, 2017 at the age of 81. In the recently published alumni newsletter, there was no mention of this sad fact.

     The fault for that failure lies with me and the only possible excuse is the decline detailed above. What makes the failure on my part even less excuseable is that I had a phone conversation with Rose, Charlie's widow and also a White Plains High graduate. We reminisced about his athletic ability, good humor, and solid intelligence.  One part of Rose's memory involved Charlie's friendship with the late Bill Brown, a member of the White Plains High School's Hall of Fame.

     Since Brown's passing received a column of coverage in the recent newsletter, it would have been natural and informative to include mention of their friendship in that column. After all, that friendship through the years says volumes about our old High School and the fertile soil it provided for life time connections.


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