The Association's policy about how to best maintain contact information and allow graduates to contact one another via this website is evolving. What is certain is that the Association will NOT share any contact information with any person or outside agency for a commercial purpose without a member's permission, except as required by law.  The WPHSAA uses the contact information for normal business practices. (e.g. we send names and addresses to a printer for postal mailings.) We also share the contact info for WPHSAA Board approved High School purposes.

If you register on the website, you will be sent a username and password, and your name and class will be listed in this section. You can modify the password which will be in your profile, as well as change the data about you.  You can also submit changes via the Member Changes to Data page on this website.

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Harris Connect, LLC (Harris) is a for profit corporation, not affiliated with this Association. They may have information on WPHS graduates that our Association does not. Harris had a feature called The White Plains High School Alumni Online Community which has been permanently deactivated. Questions can be directed to Harris at the email address:

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View profile »Jeffrey Undercoffler
Class of 1959
View profile »joan (silverstone) greenfield
Class of 1952
Class of 1972
Class of 1977
Had a wonderful time at our 40th reunion, God bless you'll.
Class of 1974
View profile »Laurie (Satenberg) McCarthy
Class of 1956
My twin brother, Marc Satenberg, and I were the first class in the new elementary school, Ridgeway. It was in kindergarten and earlier that I formed friends that are still with me. i have a photo, provided by classmate Linda Weinstein of the graduating c… more »
View profile »Leslie (Israeloff) Feinberg
Class of 1972

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Leslie (Israeloff) Feinberg
Class of '72
Class of N/A
Class of 2001
View profile »Lisa (Klepper) Tannenbaum
Class of 1976
View profile »Lizbeth Castro perez
Class of 2019
Class of 1978
Class of 1955
Class of 1981
I would like to attend the upcoming reunion.
View profile »Maretta (Tucker) Gay
Class of 1956
In Memoriam - See Sleeping Tigers Page
View profile »Marie (Magrane) Beck
Class of 1960
View profile »Marjorie go by (Marge) (Cline) Carter
Class of 1959
At age 79 I feel terrific would you like to too?
Staying at home has not bothered me a bit. How about you?
Class of 1978
Class of 1962
Neal is retired from association work after Sept 14, 2022

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View profile »Nicole (Tax) Delgado-Salisbury
Class of 2001
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