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Harris Connect, LLC (Harris) is a for profit corporation, not affiliated with this Association. They may have information on WPHS graduates that our Association does not. Harris had a feature called The White Plains High School Alumni Online Community which has been permanently deactivated. Questions can be directed to Harris at the email address:

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View profile »Noelle (Lofton) Allen
Class of 2002
Class of 2016
What's the deal with airline peanuts.
Class of 1969
It seems funny to think our 50th reunion is coming up-how can that be? I look forward to seeing you in the Fall. Thank you to everyone involved in organizing the reunion. That is no small task and it is appreciated.
View profile »Renie (Towson) Koehnken
Class of 1950
A founder and former Treasurer of the Association.

Renie passed away on July 4, 2022. See the Sleeping Tigers link for the obituary.
View profile »Rhondda (Evans) Hardy
Class of 1964
2024 seems a long way off. But what else is new but we adjust, right? So, overdue thanks for the 2019 reunion there in wonderful WP. To me, it is still. The glory days of the 50s, 60s come back to me when I visit there.
love, Rhondda Evans Hardy
Class of 1972
Any reunion plans? willing to help reach out to any classmates.
50 years? My God!
Class of 1978
View profile »Rosemary (Spicuzza) Batchie
Class of 1968
View profile »Sally (Cooke) Hyland
Class of 1955
Class of 2011
Class of 1973
View profile »Sonja (Senhouse) Wilson
Class of 1978
Class of 1974
View profile »Terri (Lisi) Crozier
Class of 1976
Treasurer of the alumni association.
View profile »Toni (Lisi) Chrystal
Class of 1976
President of Alumni Association
Class of 1971
View profile »White Plains Alumni Association
Class of N/A
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Class of 1964
Living in Rye NY. Reunion Contact, 55th Reunion coming Sept 14 2019 in White Plains. Please visit for details.
Class of 1989
(800) 965-9020
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